What type of water should you be using to brew your tea

What type of water should you be using to brew your tea

Feb 19, 2023Tipson Tea

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world behind water. The flavour of your cup of tea depends on the water you use as much as the tea. So, we prepared this guide to help you find the best type of water to brew the perfect cup of tea. 

Although at first glance, it seems like all water tastes the same, there are many factors that affect and change the flavour of your water.  These factors include the source of water (spring, surface, desalinated etc.), how they are treated, the freshness and even the pipes. When it comes to tea, there are specific characteristics of water that can affect the flavour of your tea. One such factor is the PH level of the water. Ideally, the water you use to brew your tea should have a PH level close to 7, which is construed as neutral. Water that has a higher PH level (alkaline/mineral water) will make your tea taste dull. Not to mention the freshness of the water you use. Fresh water is well oxygenated. This helps to draw out the flavour of the tea. 


What type of water should you be using to brew your tea

Tap water

Although this is often the most convenient option, it might not be the best choice to brew your tea. This is mainly due to the high metal and chlorine content in tap water. This can completely distort the flavour of your tea and neutralise all the nutrients it carries.

Bottled water

It’s hard to definitely recommend bottled water for boiling tea because their composition can vary. Many varieties of bottled water contain minerals which can distort the flavour of your tea. Also, water from plastic bottles can add a plastic flavour to your tea. 

Spring water

If you want to use bottled water to brew your tea, high quality spring water is the way to go! It should ideally be neutral in flavour and in PH value (around 7).

Filtered water

In our opinion, filtered water is the best type of water you could use to brew your tea! Filtered water is usually run through a filtration system to ensure that all the impurities are removed. This helps to remove components like chlorine, magnesium and calcium from hard water. Don’t forget to use freshly filtered water for the best cup of tea. 

What about distilled water? At first thought, distilled water might seem like a great option to brew tea with. It is one of the purest forms of water, free of impurities. But, distilled water usually tends to be flat. This will give your tea a dull taste. 

We hope this guide helped you to clear any doubts about which type of water to use when brewing your next cup of tea. A good cup of tea always needs good water AND good tea. So, make sure you pick the best quality tea for your cup of tea for a delightful experience. Happy brewing! 


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