Minty Fresh Iced Tea Recipe

Minty Fresh Iced Tea Recipe

Dec 31, 2023Shopify API

Minty Fresh Iced Tea

If you are a tea lover this is a must-try!

A chilled glass of iced tea with lots of ice cubes, mint leaves, and honey is the ideal beverage to sip on with your family and friends or even by yourself.

What better way to spend some quality “me” time than with a cup of cold drink on a warm day on your garden porch. We can’t think of anything better.

It is very easy to make, requires less effort, and will keep you well hydrated through hot days. 

The best thing is that you probably have all the three ingredients required for it right now. You heard us right it contains only three ingredients. 

This iced tea is ready in less than 20 minutes, because it basically makes itself! So why hold back anymore? Let's get straight to the recipe.

The ingredients you will need

5 green tea bags (We suggest Basilur Moroccan Mint Green Tea)

8 cups boiling water

10-15 fresh mint leaves

1 tablespoon honey

Ice cubes 

Step by step directions

Start by steeping your tea bags in boiling water for about 5-7 minutes. The longer the better we want our tea to be strong and we will get into the reason in a minute.

You can do this in a large heatproof jar, just snip off the tags and thread and dump the teabags straight to the jar to get the maximum flavour.

After it has been steeped remove the tea bags and add in the mint leaves.

Again let the tea absorb the flavour of the mint leaves by steeping it for about 5-10 minutes. 

You can strain off the mint leaves or if you like that extra element keep it.

Add in the honey and give it a good stir.

Time to clink your glasses, but wait, start by adding ice cubes until your glass is full, trust us it isn’t too much, remember your tea is still hot.

Now pour the tea into the glasses, half of the ice cubes will melt as soon as you pour the tea but that’s totally fine.

Remember that extra strong tea we made earlier? The reason to make it so strong is that you will be adding a generous amount of ice cubes to make it the iced drink you are trying to make, doing so it dilutes your tea to the perfect flavour.

Now you can enjoy a glass right away! Hope you enjoy it!

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