Basilur's Rare Tea Collection - Teak Wooden Box


Experience the luxury and sophistication of single-estate black tea, straight from a beautifully manicured single estate in Sri Lanka, right to your teacup. Each tea leaf has been meticulously hand-rolled to produce this magnificent black tea. Each cup is brimming with handmade finesse and the luxurious taste of Ceylon's finest.

Each pack contains four caddies of 60 g tea in a beautiful teak box. 

Treasure in a Box

Dive into unparalleled luxury with Basilur's Rare Tea collection, housed in an elegant teak box. A symphony of handpicked, hand-rolled leaves, this is not just tea—it's a luxurious testament to Ceylon's unparalleled craft. Sip, savor, and indulge in this premium gift of distinction. A limited-edition indulgence for true connoisseurs.