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Sencha - 50E


Known for its natural mild sweetness and refreshing spring-like taste, once brewed Sencha tea transforms into a mild golden yellow. A tea that can be consumed all day long as a beverage that calms and rejuvenates one’s senses. A sensational green tea with antioxidant properties that will give you lasting satisfaction with every sip. A calming brew to instantly lift your spirits any time of day.

50 tea bags packed in an inner carton.

  • Green Tea
  • Crafted Carton

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Customer Reviews

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Finally I can replace black tea!

Green tea is strongly recommended to stave off cancer, but this is the first green tea I've found that has a strong good flavor. I think I like it more than Earl Grey--my favorite for years. I was given the box I have now, but I will be ordering more.

Steven Mitchell
Probably The Best Green Tea I Have Had

This is probably the best green tea I have ever drank. It is a strongly flavored green tea. Whereas other green teas such as from China, India and Japan, are very benign in flavor, this green tea exudes a strong patina of freshness as a large part of its taste. I highly recommend it.