Basilur Tea

Strawberry & Kiwi - 20 Tea Bags


Combining the succulent taste of sweet strawberries with bright Ceylon black tea makes this an unforgettable treat. This delicious fruit tisane is full-bodied and refreshing, with apple fine cuts and the subtle essence of kiwi. A 100% pure Ceylon tea from the high-growing areas would add more value to this perfectly made Magic Fruits from Basilur tea.

  • Black Tea
  • Crafted Carton

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Customer Reviews

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Betty H
I Love Basilur Teas!

I love your teas! The Strawberry/Kiwi! tea is my personal favorite. But, any of your teas are great., especially the fruit flavors. I used to buy them from Tuesday Morning stores but can no longer find them there. I was looking for a source to purchase your teas and happened to find your website. Many of my teas are at least 4 years old but, even way past their expiration dates, I find them drinkable. (not as good as fresher by I still love them!) Thank you for the prompt service when filling orders!

Love all the fruit teas

I am glad I found this page so I can now order my favorite teas. The local store where I got them from stop carrying them. I stop drinking sodas and instead make the best ice tea with Basilur teas. Cannot stand the grocery store teas.