Best time of the day to drink different teas

Best time of the day to drink different teas

Dec 07, 2022Tipson Tea

From morning to night, there is a perfect tea for every occasion. Different teas have different benefits that are more useful at certain times of the day than others. Fitting all those daily cups into one's routine can sometimes seem overwhelming with so many options available - and figuring out what type to drink at any given point during the day may lead to even more confusion. So, we hope this blog serves as a guide by giving some insight into how drinking specific types of tea can help us feel energized first thing in the morning, calm before bedtime and more.

Best teas for the morning


We all know that a warm cup of tea can lift your mood, relax you and make the world seem like it's just about perfect. And what better way to start your day than with some black tea? The caffeine in it can give you mental alertness and physical energy, making black tea a great substitute for coffee. You may even find that adding milk or sugar makes black tea taste even better!


The first thing to consider when choosing between different types of black teas is which region these come from as this will have an impact on its flavour profile. For example, Kenyan blacks tend towards being lighter-bodied while Ceylon black tea carries a rich flavour profile without any milk added (although many people prefer them after adding milk). Whether you crave bolder tastes or more soothing ones, there is a black tea for every person out there! Here are some of our recommendations.


English Breakfast  

Masala Chai

Earl Grey

Oolong tea is the perfect drink for those who love black tea but find it too intense. It carries all of the same benefits without carrying any bitterness or astringency that are associated with a long fermentation process. This makes Oolong an excellent morning beverage as well if you like to start your day off on a less caffeinated note!

White Moon

White Magic

Best teas for the afternoon

Picking the right cup of tea can save you from that afternoon slump. This is also a perfect time to enjoy a cup of green or white tea because they are able to give energy without the caffeine rush, and help you focus while still letting your mid-day motivation shine through.

Green tea is the perfect drink to finish off your lunch with because it has probiotic properties that help digestion. It can also be enjoyed hot or iced and contains just enough caffeine for an energy boost without giving you any jitters!


Wild Strawberry with Ceylon Green Tea 

If you aren't a big fan of the bitter, grassy flavour of green tea, white tea might be a good pick for you. It's made with younger leaves and oxidized minimally which gives it a smooth taste. White teas also retain most nutrients due to their minimal processing, making this pick-me-up for your afternoon.

Chinese Collection White Tea 


Silver Tips 

Best teas for the evening 

Enjoying a nice cup of tea can be a perfect way to wrap up your day. Choosing one with little or no caffeine can help you sleep well at night without any worries! That is why we recommend caffeine-free blends like fruit infusions or herbal teas for the evening. If a herbal blend is what's calling your name then we recommend going for something like chamomile since it has as many pain-reducing qualities and helps promote relaxation.

Summer Fiesta Fruit Infusions Assortment

You might not have realised how much we depend on tea for energy, and why this energy should be timed for different times of the day. Every single blend there is comes with its fair share of health benefits as well as an array of amazing antioxidants that can grant you optimum potential when consumed at specific hours. The timing helps us to further enhance these benefits so that we get their fullest effect - it's a win-win!

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