Reasons to gift a tea assortment

Reasons to gift a tea assortment

Dec 07, 2022Tipson Tea

Whether you are enjoying a cup of tea at work with a colleague or catching up with a friend, tea has been a great connector for people. As Cristina Re once said, “A cup of tea is an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds.” These connections that tea helps to build is what makes tea such a great gift, and a tea assortment helps to amplify these feelings even more. Whether you are gifting it to an occasional tea drinker or a tea connoisseur, gifting a tea assortment will help you to communicate thoughtfulness and uniqueness.  So, here’s why we think a tea assortment makes for a perfect gift. 

A selection of flavours 


A tea assortment generally contains three or more varieties of tea. This means that you can choose different teas depending on what they feel or the time of the day. It is also a great way to switch from the same usual cup of tea and mix up your usual tea routine. Not to mention, introducing a loved one to an assortment of new flavours might be a stepping stone for them to discover new, unexpected flavours that appeal to their palate, that they never knew about before.


A comforting beverage 


Tea is often considered a wellness drink with a plethora of benefits by its side. It calms you from the strains of a fast-paced life. So much so that a number of studies have proven this by indicating how tea helps to reduce cortisol levels, a stress hormone in our body. Whether you are enjoying a cup of tea alone or with the presence of your friends and family, tea, in general, is very calming. So, we think Letitia Baldrige truly meant it when she said, “Tea is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings.” 

Experience the world traditions within 


An assortment of different teas is a great way to take a trip around the world with a sip of tea. For this, you should ideally pick an assortment that presents a collection of unique traditional teas from around the world. For instance, the Basilur Oriental Collection assortment, inspired by unique tea traditions from different cultures around the world, helps to create a beautiful expression of culture, history and tradition through a cup of tea. From the flavours of spices in a warm cup of Masala Chai from India to the minty fresh flavours of Moroccan mint, tea is able to bring you and your loved ones a worldly experience.  Let your adventurous loved ones experience ancient tea traditions of the world by gifting assortments that contain blends of foreign cultures. 

A gratifying gift 


A gift is a touching way to confess your emotions or show your appreciation to someone. The act of gifting makes both the giver and the receiver happy as it strengthens the connection even more. A tea assortment would make a wonderful gift for your loved ones who have a sweet spot for a cup of tea and surely they would appreciate you putting thought into getting them what they love. 


The reason why tea assortments would make a great gift is that they can always make the receiver happy. Every time they make a cup of tea, it will be a pleasant reminder of the thoughtful gesture you made by presenting them with a  considerate tea assortment.

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